Join us in writing about our ginger adventure.

Partnering with DZJING

Points of sale

Looking for fine beverages, with a story, an aura, made in Belgium? Vegan, Organic, 100% natural, with honest ingredients. We work continuously to expand our range while following our passion for taste. We only go for the best.

Feel free to contact us for our B2B prices.


A heartwarming ginger tea, an exciting mocktail, or a next-level cocktail. Our classics capture many hearts, while creative foodies create their own recipes with a spicy kick from DZJING.

The DZJING tea is our best seller but much more is possible. Both fresh and warming drinks, both non-alcoholic and a Moscow Mule with extra depth.

Culinary restaurant, brasserie, hotel, coffee house, summer bar, caterer … are you working on a quality offer for your customers, then we can do something for you. We are happy to advise on the right drinks for the right menu.

100% satisfied customers.

Corporate Gifts

In addition to our beautiful gift boxes that can be ordered right away, we work with partners who offer DZJING as a surprisingly delicious alcohol-free gift in their packages. DZJING makes ginger accessible to a wide audience, which is why our DZJING bottles are always popular as delicious and honest gifts. We are happy to provide recipes for both non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails. Please feel free to contact us without obligation.