Give Back

For the founders, DZJING is the realization of a dream. Starting a business to be able to share a passion with a wider audience is a privilege that is not given to everyone.

Dreams are more beautiful when you share them. DZJING works together with organizations that make a positive difference in the community.

DZJING supports Avalympics

Since 1988, AVALYMPICS vzw offers children, young people and adults with intellectual disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorders the opportunity to actively practice a sport of their own choice .

AVALYMPICS strives to work together with a valid sports club in every sport.

AVALYMPICS relies entirely on the efforts of volunteers. Today 15 sports are offered.

DZJING is looking forward to supporting Avalympics in their project.

If you do not yet find an outlet near you, order through our webshop and donate 1 euro per order to Avalympics.


Facebook: @avalympics.vzw

Instagram: avalympics