a ginger adventure

non-alcoholic mixes of ginger, lime, spices - 100% natural

taste and enjoy your moment

“As a six-year-old, Jeffrey became enchanted by the delicious ginger lemonade that his Surinamese Auntie lovingly prepared every year. Fresh ginger, lemon, sugar, cloves and almond. An overwhelming taste sensation. That one drink opened to him a world of desire for flavors, tastes, enjoyment. In 2021, after a long career in ICT, he founded DZJING, using the family recipe as a foundation. A long-held dream became a story of ginger. Discover the sophisticated flavors of DZJING.


DZJING.INTENSE scores Gold In London at the World Alcohol Free Awards 2024.

Jury Description:
If you’re a fan of ginger, then this complex, multi-layered bottle needs to be on your radar. Of course, ginger is the dominant note, but there are also flavors of lemon grass, citrus, bay leaf, star anise, marzipan and almond. Mix it down for a vibrant, fiery spritz or drink it as a morning shot instead of coffee.

WAFA 2024 – Gold


IWSC 2023 – Gold – Category Trophy


A ginger story

DZJING stands for creating delicious and honest moments, pure and 100% natural. A moment to enjoy for yourself or together with your family or friends.

While you enjoy your moment, we continue to write our exciting story.

Flavors of DZJING

DZJING – Be surprised by our artisanal and passionately prepared flavors.  Ginger & lime, with adventurous spices – base for a delicious tea, mocktail, cocktail and more.  Organic and 100% natural. 0% alcohol.

.Classic – the family recipe, subtly balanced with adventurous spices. Slightly pungent and spicy. The ultimate ginger mix, in perfect balance, for hot and cold drinks. Best Seller. DZJING!

.Bergamot (IWSC 2023 Gold Award) – apple, green tea, bergamot – fresh and fruity with sublime extra citrus touch. Unique. 50% less added sugars. Taste bomb.

.INTENSE (WAFA 2024 Gold Award) – our classic recipe in an intense balance with more ginger and less sugar, for the lover of spicy stuff – HOT!



Taste the pure flavors of DZJING, diluted with sparkling water or hot water. Or make a delicious 0% cocktail that is no less than an alcoholic variety.

But also in combination with spirits, DZJING takes your cocktails to the next level. Enjoy our recipes. Simple or challenging. Something for everyone, and always delicious.

selling dzjing products

Would you like to offer our DZJING products? Do you have a catering business and looking for quality non-alcoholic drinks or a heartwarming ginger tea? Would you like more information about our range of corporate gifts?

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