a ginger

ginger & lime - 100% natural - 0% alcohol

dzjing – Be surprised by our artisanal and passionately prepared flavors. Ginger & lime, basis for a delicious tea, mocktail, cocktail and more. Organic and 100% natural. 0% alcohol.

.Classic – the family recipe, subtly balanced with adventurous spices. Slightly pungent and spicy. The ultimate ginger mix, in perfect balance, for hot and cold drinks. dzhing!

.Bergamot (NEW!) – apple, green tea, bergamot – fresh and fruity with sublime extra citrus touch. Unique. 50% less added sugars. We love it!




A story of ginger and passion

DZJING stands for creating delicious and honest moments, pure and 100% natural. A moment to enjoy for yourself or together with your family or friends.

While you enjoy your moment, we continue to write our exciting story.


Taste the pure flavours of dzjing, diluted with sparkling water or hot water. Or make a delicious 0% cocktail that is no less than an alcoholic variety.

But also in combination with spirits, dzjing lifts your cocktails to a higher level. Enjoy our recipes. Simple or challenging. Something for everyone, and always delicious.

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