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We’d love to inspire you with our classics and some non-alcoholic cocktail recipes and more.


dzjing classics

Our classics are the dzjing drinks that you dilute pure with hot water, flat water or sparkling water. Dzhing in its purest form, with its adventurous, balanced spiciness.

dzjing non-alcoholic cocktails

With its balanced blend of spices, DZJING manages to add that exciting extra touch to your non-alcoholic cocktail, with a ginger kick that won’t make you miss the alcohol. On the contrary. Enjoy!

dzjing cocktails

From classic ginger cocktails like Darkn’ Stormy and Moscow Mule, to in-house creations with gin and limoncello. It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that … dzjing.

dzhing hot drinks

In a very short time, dzjing tea has made its appearance in starred restaurants, upscale brasseries, coffee houses and in many living rooms. It is dzjing in its purest form, perfectly balanced. We will still surprise you with other hot variations. Or surprise us ….!

dzjing in the kitchen

vinaigrette, dip, sorbet, ice cream, the possibilities with dzjing in the kitchen are endless – exciting recipes to follow

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